Your own design

You have an idea, a sketch ... Send us anything..

Make any of our designs your own, change anything and everything and make it your own design. Or send us your plans and let us convert it into reality.

Please read Disclaimer

3D Images and photographs contain fixtures, fittings, features and materials finishes that may not be part of our standard inclusions. Some of these items include; landscaping, retaining walls, brick upgrades, rendering, bi-fold doors, pergolas, fences, driveways, planter boxes, privacy screens, water features and many other decorative features. There are three types of facades, and we don't have 3D images for all the facades, some home designs may display 'Contemporary' facade, and refer to 'Traditional' facade price, and vice verses. Please ensure your price refers to the facade you would like on your home. These images are Artist's impression and should be used for illustrative purposes only. If unsure please discuss your inclusions with our sales consultant. We take no liability for misunderstanding our inclusions.

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