SIP Panel Homes

Built for a Lifetime of Comfort and Value by InsulLiving

For those that want to take it further, and build stronger and better insulated home we offer SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) homes, this is an alternative house construction type which doesn’t require use of timber or metal studs, and it doesn’t need brick and mortar, however those type of homes promise and offer much more.

Many say that this type of construction is future of Australian housing, used for more then 50 years worldwide this technology offers strong, affordable and environmentally friendly building material.

Unique Style Homes is the first and only company that offers this to Illawarra region, we have built many projects and continue to offer this as an alternative system to our clients.

SIP construction is one of the fastest growing building systems globally. SIPs have outstanding air tightness and insulation properties, homes can easily achieve 8-9 star energy rating.

Unique Style Homes partnered with well-known Australian company Bondor, which has been making insulated wall and roofing panels for the last 50 years in Australia.

We can build complete home or provide to lock up stage only, ask us to tender for your next project.

Benefits using this system:

  • Less trades required on site
  • Homes can easily achieve 8-9 stars energy rating
  • Speed, it will only take 2 days to install walls and roof panels, then other trades can follow.
  • Very strong construction system, homes can be built in C4 cyclonic areas.
  • Bush Fire rated walls up to BL29
  • Polystyrene used is self-extinguishing, material is fire safe, better then conventional homes.
  • Termites don't touch it, saving on termite physical barrier and annual inspections.
  • Annual Energy bills reduced by 50% Air tightness is like no other product on the market.
  • 10 Years manufacturer warranty, top & bottom plates are all galvanized, this product will last forever, all steel used is made by Bluescope Steel.
  • Building Code of Australia Code Mark Certified, can be used in any Council Areas in Australia, subject to their approval.
  • System can be used up to two storey.
  • No need for plasterboard internally
  • Construction costs are same as using traditional system.

Here are some videos about Bondor walls & roofs

Offer to other builders and business partners

We offer complete supply & installation of walls and roof panels for your projects.

Please contact us for more information, limited number of builders will be selected for our partnership, only valid for NSW Illawarra builders.

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