Energy Efficiency

  • Builders and other stakeholders in the construction industry have always played a critical role in protecting our environment. Through regulations and technological advancements, uniqueStyle Homes has been able to deliver homes that are not only environmentally friendly and socially sustainable, but also affordable. One such tool that has helped standardize the industry and provide sustainability is BASIX.

    BASIX is the Building Sustainability Index that took effect on July 1, 2004. BASIX is an assessment tool developed by the NSW Government, to ensure that natural resources such as energy and water are conserved. Simply, BASIX is designed to reduce the impact of new housing on the environment. For more information visit:

    We build homes that are more sustainable and better for our future. Energy efficiency principles are applied from the early design stage where careful thinking has been done to position your house to better reflect sun and environment, winds and ventilation, orientation of rooms, windows position performance and durability, insulation levels, sustainable technology for cooling and heating and during the construction we carefully select materials that are energy sustainable to better reflect your family lifestyle.

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